When removing your lashes, you need to be as gentle as you applied them. 

⁃ Remove glue using a pointed tweezer to gently remove excess glue. DO NOT USE YOUR FINGERTIPS AS THIS MAY ACCIDENTALLY MAKE YOU RIP YOUR LASHES! 

⁃ Store safely in the original packaging provided to you during your purchase.

⁃ Avoid mascara especially waterproof as this can damage the mink hairs. Try using mascara before applying the false lashes. 

⁃ NEVER soak your lashes in water. It can ruin the shape and curl of the lash. You may quickly rinse them and leave them to dry. 


⁃ Do not use oil-based solutions for any lash you are planning to reuse because any oil residue will reel the eyelash glue from sticking to your lash band during the next application. It will also damage and weaken the construction and look your mink lashes